The triceratops was your second dinosaur in the game. The triceratops starts in the main jungle where you defeat therzinosaurus and then fight Longisquama and Siamosaurus. The Triceratops is unlocked when you defeat therizinosaurus with iguanodon. The Triceratops has a short jump and has two default moves horns and tail.

Moveset Edit

Triceratops uses horns and tail as his attacks. He can most likely be a fire type but accomplishing that means you have to collect 15 flames across different lands.

Dinosaur Locations Edit

Jurassic Grass-Stegosaurus and Diplodocus (Known as Stego and Diplo)

River-Brachiosaurus and Plesiosaurus (Known as Plesio and Brachio)

Cave-Amargasaurus and Plateosaurus (Known as Plateo and Amarga)

Volcano-Velociraptor and Suchomimus (Known as Veloci and Sucho)

Ice-Pachycephalsaurus and Pareiasaurus (Known as Pachy and Pareia)

Boss Fight-Ammonite(Known as Ammonite)

Triceratops Fighting Area Edit

The Triceratops can be fought in the ice biome. His nickname is Trice.

Gallery Edit

IMG 1364
IMG 1363
IMG 1365
IMG 1366

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