The velociraptor was your third dinosaur in the game. The triceratops starts in the ice land where you defeat ammonite and then fight Parieasaurus and Pachycephalosaurus. The Velociraptor is unlocked when you defeat ammonite with triceratops. The Velociraptor has a great jump and great speed and has two default moves claws and bite.

Moveset Edit

Velociraptor uses claws and bite as his attacks. He can most likely be a electric type but accomplishing that means you have to collect 15 thunderbolts across different lands.

Dinosaur Locations Edit

Jurassic Grass-Stegosaurus and Diplodocus (Known as Stego and Diplo)

River-Brachiosaurus and Plesiosaurus (Known as Plesio and Brachio)

Cave-Amargasaurus and Plateosaurus (Known as Plateo and Amarga)

IMG 1369
IMG 1370

Volcano-Suchomimus(Known as Sucho)

Ice-Pachycephalsaurus and Pareiasaurus (Known as Pachy and Pareia)

Boss Fight-Dimetrodon(Known as Dimetro)

Velociraptor Fighting Area Edit

The Velociraptor can be fought in the volcano. His nickname is Veloci.

Gallery Edit

IMG 1368
IMG 1367

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